Without Roy – no Ladies Tour of Norway

Roy Moberg is the man behind Ladies Tour of Norway.
Without him the race would never have reached the highest level as a World Tour-race in record time. The business leader is the one getting the wheels going around every day. It’s actually unbelievable what this man can do in 24 hours.

ROY MOBERG is the man behind the Ladies Tour of Norway and the experienced business leader with a background as a cross country skier and a hobby cyclist has brought the race to the highest level in record time. Photo/rights: KJELL-ERIK KRISTIANSEN/KEK-stock

As the father of Emilie Moberg, it’s probably not so strange that Roy made the decision to start the Ladies Tour of Norway. But he had for sure not seen the extremely quick development of the race in just few years.

Today we do have a turnaround of about 8-9 million Norwegian crowns and we’re the first race in Norway ever at World Tour-level. This is already the second year we do have live TV-coverage on national TV, says the man who normally is running the Eagle group in Halden and Oslo.
Every year the race is growing, the challenges have also been growing. Today we’re involving the whole region of Østfold, even if the race started in Halden. The budget has been increased a lot and today it’s a tough game to get it going around.
Roy is very happy for the support from the government and the region of Østfold as well as all the communities where the race is coming.
Without them and all our good sponsors it would not have been possible to organize the race.

This year the race has a new main sponsor in the insurance company Tryg, who is also the main sponsor of Norwegian ladies cycling.

But one case have been very demanding this year. The police is now invoicing more than 1.400 Norwegian crowns for every hours they’re helping with the race. Also other organizers have a huge problem with this and for us the expenses for security have been tripled this year. We’re now paying more than 1,5 million NOK for just security, says the race director.

The biggest post on the budget is anyway the TV-production who is payed by the organizer. With plane, helicopter, MC’s and a lot of people this is expensive.
We’re using nearly 2,5 million NOK for the TV-production, but of course it’s very important for us to be seen. Now we’re live on TV2:s main channel in Norway and this year we’re also cooperating with the Arctic Race in northern Norway going back-to-back with LToN. We hope this will give more viewers to both races.

According to Moberg TV2 was very satisfied with the number of viewers when LToN made the TV-debut last year. Of course it will be a very big help with some Norwegian victories in the race itself, but the transmissions are also great PR for the region of Østfold and the places shown on national TV.

And this year Roy Moberg guarantees that there will be no unexpected bridges going up in Fredrikstad.
No, we’ve got control of that!:)