Thank you for a wonderful cycling party!

It has been a wonderful cycling weekend in Halden, and we are overwhelmed of all the positive feedback from the teams, the athletes, UCI, the general public, our partners and the media, included the international press.
“Everybody” is talking about LToN, and little Halden is suddenly been a “talk of the town” in the international cycling world.


We thank you all for a fantastic weekend, and wish you all welcome back to a new cycling party next year!

Below you will find some links to pictures from both the UCI-, children and touring race, and also misc. national and international  press clip.


Pictures taken by Eventofotgrafene:

The childrens race
The touring race
UCI 2.2 – Prologue
UCI 2.2 – Stage 1
UCI 2.2 – Stage 2

Misc. press clip: