Super veteran Bjørn Erik new security manager

66 year old Bjørn Erik Tuv is the new chief of security for Ladies Tour of Norway. And we’ve never felt more secure about security. The veteran from Tønsberg is maybe the one in Norway with most experience on this field, as he was the manager of sport already when Norway organized the World Championships in Oslo 1993.

BJØRN ERIK TUV is the new chief of security for the Ladies Tour of Norway. The 66 year old from Tønsberg was the sports manager already at the World Championships in Oslo 1993. Photo/rights: KJELL-ERIK KRISTIANSEN/KEK-stock

Bjørn Erik is also the security manager for the mens Tour of Norway and he has been an active cyclist by himself.
But that’s a very long time ago. I competed at the end of the 60’s and the beginning of the 70’s, says the experienced veteran.
He still has the knowledge tough. This summer is cycled 1.700 km to Paris with Team Rinkeby to collect money for the fight against cancer for children. He did it together with thousands of other amateurs who all arrived in Paris in time for the last stage of the Tour de France at Champs-Elysees.

Most of the time after his active career Bjørn Erik has mostly worked at home in Vestfold.
I was starting up Vang topsport gymnasium in Tønsberg where I still am. Now as  member of the board and responsible for special projects, says Bjørn Erik who has the NRK expert in cross country skiing Fredrik Aukland as the principal at the school where several cycling talents are studying.

Now the 66 year old from Tønsberg will take care of the security at LToN – maybe the most important work at the whole race. But he knows the roads from earlier editions of Tour of Norway and he has already worked close with the new technical director Anders Eia Linnestad during several years.