Silver for Susanne Andersen at ECH

The Hitec-rider Susanne Andersen from Stavanger won a silver medal in the U23 class at Friday’s road race at the European championships in Herning, Denmark. Another good result from the youngster who was third among the juniors at last years World Championships in Qatar.


Only the local rider Pernille Mathiesen of Denmark was able to cross the finish line ahead of the main peloton, where Susanne won the sprint. 7 seconds was the gap from Mathiesen and back to the bunch.

Susanne Andersen was number 2 on the second stage of LToN between Mysen and Sarpsborg last year. Then she was riding for the Norwegian national team, but this time she will come to the Ladies Tour of Norway as one of the six riders at Hitec Products.

Both the gold- and the silver-medalists in the U23 at Herning will come to start in this years edition of LToN. The winner Pernille Mathiesen is a part of Bjarne Riis’s outfit Team VeloCONCEPT Women, and this team is also ready for start in Norway.

The other Norwegians Malin Eriksen and Ingvild Gåskjenn were 41th respectivly 60th in the U23-race, where a lot of the riders will be starting in this years edition of Ladies Tour of Norway.