How to follow LToN from at home

Published 22. August 2019
If you are not on-site there are several possibilitis to follow this years Ladies Tour of Norway from at home. In Norway NRK1 will cover the race live every day and we will tra... Read more

Final start lists

Published 21. August 2019
Final start lists for Ladies Tour of Norway 2019 is now ready, and you will find them here. Read more

Fahlin out – Borgli substitute in FDJ

Published 20. August 2019
Last years runner-up Emilia Fahlin from Sweden is not yet ready to compete after her crash earlier this year. Therefore she misses one of her favourite races, the Ladies Tour of... Read more

National champs everywhere in LToN

Published 20. August 2019
It’s quite smart to figure out who are the national champions in the different countries if you will keep track of all the jerseys in the upcoming Ladies Tour of Norway. Read more