Now the signs are up

During Monday, 30 infosigns were set up in Halden, Fredrikstad and Mysen. They show when the roads are closed during the finish of the Ladies Tour of Norway in the three cities. Venue manager Marius Jørgensen has also started to warn the neighbours.

To organise a cycle race at this leves requires a lot of preparations, and an important part of this is to inform the locals about how the race will influence on their daily life.
Both in Halden, Fredrikstad and Mysen the finish is situated in the middle of the city center, so there will of course be some changes in the normal rythm of the traffic during the final laps of each stage.

But now the signs are up, so people can prepare these days in good time when the Ladies Tour of Norway is visiting their town. The organisers do also hope that as many people as possible are coming out to chear on the ladies and making a lot of noise when the cycling World Tour is visiting Norway for the very first time.

We know that there are a lot of activities planned in the three finisihing cities and also along the courses during the stages.