Marianne Vos testing onboard-camera

The TV-transmission from the Ladies Tour of Norway will be of the quality. It’s the production company NEP (former OB-team) who will deliver the pictures from the race.
And to get new angels and spectacular photos they will try out a new onboard-camera. The camera will be on the bike of newly crowned European champion Marinne Vos – the queen of female cycling nowadays.

MARIANNE VOS is one of the big favourites to win this years Ladies Tour of Norway. She is female cycling’s answer to Norway’s superstar, cross country skier Marit Bjørgen when it comes to popularity on home base. Photo: WM3 PRO CYCLING TEAM

The camera is only 180 grams and is sitting under the saddle. We want to test this in front of the upcoming World Championships in Bergen in September, says Per Arild Berge, project manager for the TV-production from LToN.
We want to use this camera at the WCH, therefore this is an important test for us.
Onboard-cameras is nothing new in cycling and sports. You might have seen it from the peloton duringt the Tour de France or other races. The new here is the system and the way the camera is sending the pictures to the OB-van.

Berge explains that it’s happening extremely much with the 4G-technique and how to broadcast cycling. This gives the viewers new possibilities and they will get another experience of watching the races.

And with the camera on the bike of Marianne Vos you should probably put the lens backwards. She uses to have most of the field behind. Just a couple of weeks ago she won the European championships in Denmark and last weekend she was 2nd at the World Tour in Vårgårda in Sweden. And this week Marianne Vos is one of the big favourites for the Ladies Tour of Norway.