How to follow LToN this week

If you don’t have the possibility to be on site to follow this weeks Ladies Tour of Norway there are several ways to follow the race either on TV or on-line on your computer. Norwegian TV2 is sending live from the last part of the stages on Friday, Saturday and Sund and you can follow all four days live on the internet.

IT WILL BE possible to follow the Ladies Tour of Norway all over the world this weekend. Here are Danni Lowe, Susanne Andersen and Shara Gillow from last years race in Norway. It starts with the team time trial on Thursday and then three stages of the World Tour-race on Friday-Sunday. Photo/rights: MARCELA HAVLOVA/KEK-stock

It’s new this year that the Ladies Tour of Norway will be held the same weekend as the Arctic Race of Norway for the men. Norwegian TV2 is making a ”superweekend” of cycling where Arctic Race and LToN are transmitted back-to-back in three days. That means 5-6 hours of live cycling every day, something both organizers are hoping will increase the number of viewers.

On Friday Arctic Race is ahead of LToN, while the ladies are first on Saturday and Sunday. Thursday’s team time trial is not shown on terrestrial channels, but a lighter production will be streamed on LToN:s homepage.

Commentators for Norwegian TV2 are Mads Kaggestad and Miriam Bjørnsrud, while Magnus Orre is the reporter on-site. The English stream will be commented by Owan Rogers accompanied by the former Olympic silver medalist Emma Johansson. Race announcer Kjell-Erik Kristiansen’s voice will be on the stream from Thursday’s TTT.

This means that LToN can be followed all over the world also this year. The stream with English commentary will be live and free in most of the world. It’s blocked in USA and Canada, where Flosport TV have the rights for the race and will transmit it through there channels (see below). UCI will probably also transmit the stages Saturday and Sunday live and send the stage on  Aelayed. They will also as always show a short summary of all the stages.

Transmissions on Norwegian TV2 main channel (only to be seen in Norway):
Thursday 16. Aug 13:00 – 18:30 TV 2 Arctic Race
Friday 17. Aug 12:00 – 16:30 TV 2 Arctic Race
Saturday 18. Aug 15:30 – 18:50 TV 2 Arctic Race
Sunday 19. Aug 15:30 – 18:30 TV 2 Arctic Race

Friday 17. Aug 16:30 – 18:30 TV 2 Ladies Tour of Norway
Saturday 18. Aug 13:30 – 15:30 TV 2 Ladies Tour of Norway
Sunday 19. Aug 13:30 – 15:30 TV 2 Ladies Tour of Norway

Commentators (in Norwegian): Mads Kaggestad og Miriam Bjørnerud.

PS! Alle times are local times in Norway.

You can follow the race live on the internet at:

If there will be some problems with this stream it can also be found here:

(same times as for the TV-transmissions)

English commentators on the net: Owen Rogers og Emma Johansson.

UCI:s homepage (if they decide to send the race):

UCI:s Youtube-channel where they are sending their races:

In North America (USA and Canada) you can follow the race at Flosport TV:

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PS! Thursday’s team time trial between Aremark and Halden starts at 18,25 local time on the homepage of LToN ( Announcer is Kjell-Erik Kristiansen.