How to follow Ladies Tour of Norway

Of course we hope that you will come out to see the ladies in this years Ladies Tour of Norway. But if you don’t have the possibility to be here, there are several ways to follow the action from the first ever World Tour-race in Norway.
In Norway, the race will be transmitted live on TV2 (main channel), but you can also see LToN worldwide.

Thursday’s prologue will be possible to follow on our homepage

The stream will also be available at This is not really a full TV-production, and you will probably miss some graphics. There will not be any dedicated TV-commentators, but you will be updated by the race announcer.
That means you will have the full overview at the 3 km long prologue with start and finish at the square in the center of Halden. And if you are on site the races will be live on the big videoboard in the finish area every day.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday the stages will be live on Norwegian TV2 (main channel) with the commentators Christian Paasche and Johan Kaggestad on site.

The transmission times are as follows (local times):
Friday Aug 18th: Halden – Mysen, 16:40-18:20
Saturday Aug 19th: Sarpsborg – Fredrikstad, 16:40-18:20
Sunday Aug 20th: Svinesund – Halden, 13:30-15:20

International TV
If you are not in Norway, you will still be able to follow the Ladies Tour of Norway live.
The rights for North America belongs to FloSports.

Watch live on FloCycling here:



Even in other countries you will be able to follow LToN on the internet.
UCI (the international cycling union) will send the race live on their Youtube-channel and social medias on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Times are the same as for Norwegian TV2.

Link to UCIs homepage :
Link to UCIs Youtube-channel :

You can also follow the race on our own channels on the net and in social media:
LToN on Twitter :
LToN on Facebook :
LToN on Instagram :

Times for the audience
For the audience on site, these are the right times:

Thursday August 17th:
Individual prologue in the center of Halden. The first start is at 17:00 at the square, the last finish will be just before 20:00 o’clock. The 3 km long course will cross the harbour in Halden and turn back at the Clas Ohlsson shop. The finish is by the sea, just after the riders have passed the Thon Hotell.

Friday August 18th:
The first road stage from Halden to Mysen, 101,5 km. Signing on and presentation of the riders at the square in Halden between 14:20 and 15:10. The start is at 15:20 and the riders will enter the final circuit between 17:21 and 17:32. After the three final laps they will finish outside Festiviteten in Mysen around 17:48-18:02.

Saturday August 19th:
140,1 km between Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad. The start will take place from the Hafslund Manor. The riders presententation and signing on will be between 13:20-14:10. The riders will start at 14:20 and the finish willbe at Tollbodbrygga in Fredrikstad. They will enter the final circuit between 17:08-17:24, and also here they will do three final laps. Finish estimated to 17:46-18:05.

Sundag August 20th:
The last stage is also the longest with 156,6 km. The start takes place at the old Svinesund bridge – the border between Norway and Sweden and the finish is the same as for Thursday’s prologue. Riders presentation between 10:10-11:00. The start takes place at 11:10 and the riders will enter the final circuit at 14:28-14:48. The finish in Halden is estimated to 15:04-15:28.

All necessary information like times, maps and other relevant info about the race is to be found in the technical guide on our homepage.

Information for media
Head of media is Kjell-Erik Kristiansen (, but we do also have an international chief of media – Niels Goudriaan (

Media can apply for accreditations by sending an e-mail to Henriette Amundsen:

International media kan apply for accreditation by sending an e-mail to Niels Goudriaan.

Questions about media can be adressed to Kjell-Erik Kristiansen, +47-46 54 28 20.

Photo: Atle W. Larsen/Halden Arbeiderblad

The main press center will be at the Thon Hotell in Halden, but there will be sub press centers at all the finishing areas. In Halden this is the same as the main press center. At Mysen the press center is at Kulturtorget and in Fredrikstad just behind the finish at Tollbodbrygga (follow signs). All press centers are equipped with WiFi.

You can pick up your accreditation at the race office at Thon Hotell in Halden. If you send us an e-mail in advance we can bring your credentials to the start of the stage you want.