Battle of North – ”the womens Tour de France”

Published 13. May 2019
Scandinavia will get ”the Tour de France for women” when Denmark, Sweden and Norway goes together and introduce the new WorldTour-race Battle of North in 2021.A totally new ... Read more

A lot of news at the Ladies Tour of Norway 2019

Published 8. April 2019
The region of Vestfold on the west side of the Oslofjord is for the first time a part of the Ladies Tour of Norway, Moss is a new city for a start, Askim is a new city for a fin... Read more

Planning of LToN 2019 is well in progress!

Published 15. February 2019
The calendar says that it's still half a year until this year's edition of Ladies Tour of Norway, but there is no reason to be on the lazy side because of that. There are a lot ... Read more

Christmas greetings from LToN

Published 17. December 2018
From all of us in Ladies Tour of Norway, we wish all the athletes, teams, sponsors, cooperation partners and everybody who is interested in cycling in general a Merry Christmas ... Read more